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Hugo Wikström

25+ years of innovation and growing businesses experience.  Dedicated to finding entrepreneurial ways to drive sustainable industrial- and societal development where food production is an important part.  Excels in strategic development, finding new innovative business solutions, sales and marketing 

Established businesses in the sectors of Telecom, Internet, Finance, Food-tech and Agri-tech.


Board Member, BIG Akwa AB, Peckas Naturodlingar AB, Nattviken Invest AB, Snow First AB, Media Pilen Norden AB, Internet5 AB, At Home i Sverige AB, Paradiso AB, Hyperloop-Sweden

Just now...

I'm looking forward to be a part to develop a big scale sustainable fish production in industrial symbiosis and to understanding more about single cell protein and insect based protein.

I have also carried out a number of feasibility studies on how to use residual heat from data centers and other industries as a heat source in greenhouses, fish farms, aquaponics in various combinations.

ongoing project:


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